Visiting Copenhagen should be part of a must-to-visit-place list in Europe for any traveler and it also should be included in the list of the <<100 cities to visit before you die>>. We’ll tell you here why you should definitely include it in your list with our five best places you need to see in Copenhagen. You’ll probably fall in love with this beautiful city as well.

Visiting Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

If you are a fan of amusement parks, you definitely have to visit this one. First of all, we recommend you to buy tickets in advance (ONLINE) because, especially if you go in high season (we went in May), there are real chances are that you won’t be able to enter (Tivoli is very visited by tourists and locals as well).

We also warn you that it is not suitable for all budgets. The price of the ticket that allows you to enter to the park, to see the gardens and to watch the shows is 120 DKK for adults (about 16€) and 50 DKK for children (almost 7€). If you want to buy the unlimited pass to the attractions, it will cost you 230 DKK (about 31€). As you can see that’s not very cheap and we only recommend it if you are a fan of amusement parks.

Tivoli park

Visit the Copenhagen Little Mermaid

Of course in this top five we couldn’t leave out one of the symbols of the city, the famous Little Mermaid. This statue was ordered to be built in tribute to a Danish dancer (Ellen Price, star of the Royal Danish Ballet). This actress triumphed and stood out for her dance works based on the tale of < Den lille havfrue> (Danish for The Little Mermaid) and for this reason her sculpture has the body in the form of a mermaid. Remember that FREE TOURS are always a good option to know more about the history and the symbols of the cities.

Fun fact: in 2010, the Little Mermaid traveled to Shanghai (China) to represent Denmark at the Expo that same year. It has been there during the six months of the exhibition and then was re-installed in the port.

Visiting Copenhagen

Things to do in Copenhagen: Nyhavn

If you enter the word “Copenhagen” in a search engine (I googled it), the majority of photos will refer to a “famous” facade of colorful buildings located in a port. We’re precisely talking about this port, Nyhavn (it literally means “new port”). Nyhavn is one of the most touristic areas of the city, is surrounded by canals and on the right side there are these emblematic and popular buildings that you can see in every photos. In this area there are many restaurants and bars. There is also a museum with antique boats. At the end of the port there is the “The Memorial Anchor” a monument commemorating the service of the Navy and Armed Forces who sacrificed their lives during World War II.

Visiting Copenhagen

Visit Freetown Christiania in Copenhagen

If you are a curious traveler you cannot leave Copenhagen without visiting this neighborhood known as “freetown”. Christiania is an area of the city that managed to gain independence from the Danish state. One of the curious facts about this community is that they carry out certain activities that in the rest of the city are considered illegal (use and sale of soft drugs as Marijuana). Another interesting fact is that they do not have taxes, therefore, you can have a beer (for example) at half the price that if you did it in the rest of the country. I recommend taking a FREE TOUR if you are a bit sceptic or afraid.


Christiania’s story begins in 1971 when a group of people of from a cultural movement illegally occupied a certain number of lands. Years later, in 2012, they finally paid for the land.

Fun fact: When you leave through the main entrance of Christiania you can read “You’re now entering the EU”. That’s because the inhabitants of Christiania don’t consider themselves as members of the European Union.

Visit Christiania

To see in Copenhagen: Amalienborg

We included this magnificent building in the last place of our personal top five because we are palaces and castles lovers. This palace is formed by four buildings (they are actually palaces) and in the middle of the square you can see the equestrian statue of King Frederick V of Denmark.

Right in front of the palace, in Amalienborg Square, there is a church that caught our attention. We were struck by its dome and later we read that the creator was inspired by St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. Its dome reminded us in the style of some monuments of Venice and Vienna. This church is called Frederick’s Church, but is popularly known as “the Marble Church“. Due to the weather and its hour schedules, we were unable to enter, but we really liked it on the outside.

Visiting Copenhagen

Visiting Copenhagen

In short, Copenhagen is a city full of easy going people, with good vibes and quiet and, despite what they say about the Nordics, they are not very cold. They speak English very well and they use bike as a favorite form of transport so the city is not as polluted as others.

One of the thing that we appreciated the most as tourists is the fact that you can pay by card literally everywhere (we didn’t have to make any currency exchange).

We definitely recommend this marvelous city as destination of your next european trip.

If you want to know what it’s like to live and work in this city as a foreigner, HERE you can read the experience of a an argentinian who lived in Denmark thanks to a Work and Holiday visa.

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