Naples, things to see in one day during your express trip to southern Italy. Where the famous quote “see Naples and then die” come from? Can you visit Naples in one day? Is Naples really worth it? In this article we’ll answer all these questions and tell you more curiosities about the city of Vesuvius.

Naples things to see: The Cathedral

One of the things to see in Naples is its cathedral or Duomo, the shape of its facade is really impressive. Located in the historic center of the city. Admission is free of charge. It is worth to mention its Baptistery for its antiquity and history, the entrance costs 2€ and it’s definitely worth it.

Santa Chiara Church to visit in Naples

This Gothic Basilica or Church is located within the Santa Clara Complex. I recommend visiting the entire complex (price 6€), but if don’t have so much time, you must at least visit the church both outside and inside and its entrance is free.

Naples things to do: Castel Nuovo

If you are a castle lover, this will probably become one of your favorites. This medieval castle known as Castel Nuovo or Maschio Angioino has a lot of history, from Charles of Anjou to Charles III of Spain. The fortress suffered attacks by Hungarian and French troops, among others. For more history I recommend a FREE TOUR.

Naples things to see

Galleria Umberto I to visit in Naples

Behind the castle, another interesting stop is this gallery. Did you know that there is a bar-cabaret of the early twentieth century? It is also ideal for taking photos as it catches by the way.

Galleria Umberto Naples

Plebiscito Square, Naples

Continuing our tour of things to see in Naples, here’s what’s in this main square:

  • Royal Palace of Naples: unfortunately we only saw it on the outside (for booking reasons). Price 6€
  • Basilica of San Francisco de Paula: totally recommended, especially on the outside because it has a dome with a very curious shape.
Plebiscito Square Naples

Naples things to see: Lungomare Caracciolo

Heading to the Castel dell’Ovo, we stop for a moment on the caracciolo promenade to appreciate the views of the sea and beyond, vesuvius.

Castel dell’Ovo: must to visit in Naples

Naples has several castles, each is different from the previous one, but Castel dell’Ovo stands out for being the oldest castle in Naples.

Why is it called Castello dell’Ovo (that literally means Egg Castle)?: It is supposedly named after the Latin poet Virgil (70 a.C.) who hid in the castle dungeons a magical egg with strong powers that helped the fortress not collapse. Free entrance.

Castel dell'Ovo

Naples things to see: bonus

  • Spaccanapoli: neighborhood in the center of Naples.
  • Chiaia: another interesting neighborhood of Naples that has at its edges the Square Plebiscito and the Castel dell’Ovo.
  • Quartieri Spagnoli: whose important street to mention is the Via Toledo, where if you access the Toledo metro stop, you can see one of the most beautiful metro stations in the world.
Naples things to see

Falling in love with Naples

Belvedere di Posilipo: to finalize your visit to Naples, you have to make a very special and magical stop (ideal to see the sunset) in the viewpoint of Posilipo, where you can appreciate the sea, the Vesuvius vulcan and the Castle of San Elmo among others.

Where to eat in Naples?

Leaving Naples without trying pizza is a real sin. As a suggestion, better to choose the pizza par excellence, the famous pizza margarita and for the bravest one the “pizza fritta” (fried pizza). Here two good restaurant suggestions:

  • L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele: It is very good and is also famous for the movie “Eat, pray and love”. Location: near Porta Nolana station.
  • Pizzeria Sorbillo: it is about a 10-minute walk from Dante station.
Where to eat in Naples

In short, a day in Naples is enough to see the main and most important things, although the best thing is to go more days to take advantage and make routes on Mount Vesuvius, to the Amalfi Coast, through the city of Pompeii and / or even make a roadtrip through other interesting but farther cities such as Matera or Alberobello.

If you want to know more about Italy, about how’s living in the country of pizza and pasta, take a look at this POST.

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