Did you know that one of the best ways to earn money online is writing articles? If you want to know how to earn money as a writer, don’t miss this article. Useful both for freelancers and for people who simply love writing and want to earn extra money with it.

The best pages to earn money writing

Nowadays making money from anywhere in the world and doing what you like (writing) is easier than ever. In order to get paid for writing, you only need to be good at it (watch your spelling, know how to write texts that engage etc).

How to make money writing on websites

  • Choose the website(s) to work with.
  • Pick the language you want to write in.
  • Choose the different themes that you prefer to write about.
  • Depending on the website, you will have to take a text test.
  • Put the price you charge per word and that’s all

Which pages pay you for writing?

  • Publisuites
  • Textbroker
  • Iwriter
  • Scorum (about sports)
  • TextMaster (translation)

Publisuites: earn money from home

Publisuites is one of the best pages to earn money writing from home. This is how it works:

  • Sign up as an editor
  • Add your services on the panel (web, editor and Twitter).
  • Web: to be able to make money with your blog (you can see more about ways to earn money with your blog HERE). You have to have a well-kept, active blog with views. The most used option to earn money with your blog is usually through sponsored links (advertising).
  • Editor: it’s a must if you want to earn money writing content for other companies. You include your language and the topics you master, then the price you charge per word (once the text test is done) and finally, you can write for them.
  • Twitter: you must have 1000 followers or more to be able to add this service. Followers have to be real and interactive. Once accepted, the active campaigns will arrive by email, you do them and then you earn money.
  • When do you actually earn money?: from € 5 via Paypal or if you prefer by bank transfer from € 25
  • You can also sign up as an advertiser to be able to get links giving more visibility to your blog or website.
  • To start earning money writing with Publisuites go HERE.

Textbroker: earn money while you travel

Textbroker is a perfect website to earn money as a copywriter and as a translator. This is how it works

  • Sign up to the platform as an author
  • Then do the text test (to see if you are good at writing)
  • Once accepted you have to complete your profile
  • You earn a fixed rate according to the stars received, as in, if you have two stars, you earn less than if you have five.
  • You can earn from 10€ upwards

They have just included the text translation service

TextMaster: earn money with translations

TextMaster is the top website of freelance translators. They have more than 40 languages. Functions:

  • For semi-professionals in the world of translation, so for anyone who has a good handle of the language at a non-technical level, good literature and a wide vocabulary.
  • For professional translators, as in, for those who have studied careers related to languages ​​and are capable of translating any text.

More pages to earn money writing

  • Iwriter: this is a website for English speakers that pays you to write. Although most of the jobs are in English, sometimes they also appear in other languages. They accept writers from North America, Europe and Australia.
  • Scorum: the perfect website for sports lovers. This website pays you in cryptocurrencies (something very new) for creating interesting content related to the sports world.

In conclusion, making money from anywhere in the world is available to anyone, you can do it by monetizing through your blog, writing for other websites or promoting products or services on social networks of other companies.

If you want to know other ways to create your business online or to monetize with your blog, click HERE.


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