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We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.

About Trabajaviajando

Trabajaviajando is born from the NEED to live a season abroad. We started searching for information to live in Malta for a while to learn English, but we saw that the information on the Internet was very generic, it did not encourage us to take the step, we needed something more personal. And so, when we asked on social networks some Spanish acquaintances who lived on the island to tell us about their experience, what it is like to move to another country, language, culture, expenses and other matters that were important for us to know before we ventured to live there.

Work + travel: Trabajaviajando

That need to know more personally about “how you live in Malta being a foreigner” together with our passion, TRAVELING, gave rise to Trabajaviajando: explore the world while traveling.

Today, we share EXPERIENCES of people living on several continents, we have more than 15 different countries and a wide variety of cities around the world.

Thank you for reading all the way HERE!

Behind Trabajaviajando

Melinda and Luca

Digital Marketing Consulting

We are Luca and Melinda, a couple passionate about travel, languages and photography, passions that led us to become DIGITAL NOMADAS and we want to help others to plan their move (definitive or temporary) to another country.