Would you like to make money with your social networks but you don’t know how to start? Keep reading below, I’ll tell you our experience showing you how to earn money with Socialpubli, so far one of the best platforms where you can make money thanks to your social networks.

How to earn money with your social networks

In the past, the possibility of being able to make money online wasn’t available to many people. However nowadays, thanks to new technologies and social networks and with the help of digital marketing, being able to make money from the comfort of your home, is becoming more accessible.

There are several ways to make money online, it all depends on whether you want extra money (this article is about it), doing it as a profession (check out “How to earn money writing articles”) or if you prefer to set up your own business online (check out the article “Business online ideas to make money”).

Social networks that monetize

  • YouTube: from 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 hours of viewing (in 12 months). Not impossible, but there’s a lot of competition.
  • Facebook: having a minimum of 10000 followers.
  • Twitter: from 1000 followers.
  • Tiktok: from 1000 followers; you can also live stream to obtain donations from your followers.
  • Twitch: with a minimum of 50 followers and 500 mins of viewing.
  • Instagram: you can’t monetize directly through the platform but starting from 1000 followers you can be paid by companies for a sponsorship or you can get money from third-party platforms.

How to earn money with Socialpubli thanks to Instagram

For those who we would define as average people (and in our opinion), right now the most accessible social network is Instagram. Firstly because it’s the favorite one of many people and second because it is very apt to create a community.

As I said in the previous section, Instagram doesn’t allow you to monetize directly through its app, but it does give you access to do it externally, either by contacting potential advertisers directly or through platforms like the one I’m going to tell you about below.

Earn money with Socialpubli

  • Access to Socialpubli (I’ll leave HERE our affiliate link) and sign up.
  • Confirm your email then log back in to set up your account. Your profile’s theme, your interests, a photo, etc
open an account on socialpubli
how to earn money with socialpubli
  • Then choose which network or social networks you want to collaborate with. You can monetize on any of their available social networks as long as you reach the minimum number of followers required (normally 1000).
socialpubli profile

They have campaigns on Instagram, Twitter, Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitch and WhatsApp.

to earn money with your social networks
  • After adding the social network(s) you want to monetize with, you need to wait a few days to be approved (they have to check that you have the minimum number followers).
  • Once your account is approved, the different campaigns that fit your profile will appear on your dashboard.

How does Socialpubli work?

As I mentioned earlier, after you’ve completed the steps above, just wait for new campaigns to appear on your dashboard and then follow these steps:

  • A new campaign is available: first read what the advertiser is asking for.
to make money with Socialpubli
  • If you can do what the advertiser asks, click the button SEND PROFILE.
  • You have to wait for your profile to be approved before running the campaign on your social network. The campaign will appear as IN REVIEW.
socialpubli campaign
make money with socialpubli
  1. Once your profile is approved, Socialpubli will send you an email with the file to upload or the link to share. However, everything will also appear on your dashboard.
  2. Most of the time the advertiser double-checks (to ensure that the campaign requirements are fulfilled) and then asks you to send a photo or a video with the message and/or the hashtags required by the campaign.
  3. After the second check-up, Socialpubli will tell you that your “proposal” has been approved and that you can now publish.
  4. 24 hours after publication you have to send by screenshot the statistics of the post (views, reactions and so on) and write the number of views.
  5. After submitting the statistics, Socialpubli will add in “income” the amount earned by the campaign.

How to cash out in Socialpubli

Once you have reached the minimum amount required ($50) you have the option to collect your money by bank transfer or PayPal (in 45 days).

Before cashing out, you need to fill out the billing form. You will have to specify whether or not you are self-employed, your ID and your tax residence (example: we are living for a while in Italy but our tax residence is Spain).

Cashing out in Socialpubli with Paypal

We preferred the option to deposit the earned money into our PayPal account. Money was available for us in a bit more than a month later. At first it appeared to us as a RETAINED balance because PayPal wanted to know why Socialpubli had made us this income and what kind of income it was.

earning with Socialpubli

In order for the income not to appear as withheld, it must be specified whether it is for the sale of a physical product or (as in our case) if it is for a ‘PROVISION OF SERVICES‘ and then Socialpubli will have to confirm that this is indeed the case.

Within 2 days, we had the money in our PayPal account and started to feel like “micro influencers“.

making money with socialpubli

Invite your friends to make money with Socialpubli

Another way to increase your profits is by inviting your friends to be part of this platform, it’s a win-win, they win by promoting products and you earn a small commission (which doesn’t reduce their money or anything similar). That’s why I invite you to join Socialpubli with our affiliate code.

So if you’re a content creator on your social networks, if you have a community and if you like to recommend products or services and also receive a monetary value for it, then start monetizing with Socialpubli.

If you want to know more about other ways to make money online, click HERE.

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