Business online: did you know that, due to the pandemic, online businesses have grown exponentially? Did you also know that women’s clothing is still one of the best-selling products on the Internet? Have you ever considered starting a business but don’t know where to start? Here are the top 3 most profitable business ideas on the Internet.

E-commerce: start your own business online

Nowadays setting up an online store is within the reach of almost anyone thanks to dropshipping (it is not necessary to have an inventory of products on hand; they make an order that in turn reaches your supplier and he sends it on your behalf to your buyer). There are platforms like Oberloo that, through a subscription, make you available to several providers and let you choose the one that best suits your business idea, like, for example Aliexpress.

Printful: create your custom design

  • Advantages: compared to the normal dropshipping in which you just sell products of other suppliers, with Printful you can customize your products and create a brand of clothing, cloth bags, mugs and more.
  • Disadvantages: the prices of the products are a bit high unlike a non-personalized product. For example: to obtain a minimum profit margin from a very basic shirt for women € 7.25 + VAT you will have to sell it at € 10 + VAT.

Spreadshirt: sell without an online store

  • Advantages: you have the option of selling on the website itself. All you have to do is take care of advertising, bring traffic to sell your t-shirts (also custom designed). To get more income it is recommended to use both options, as in having the products on your website and also on the Spreadshirt website.
  • Disadvantages: If you sell on the platform you can only get about 20% in commissions for each sale. If you do it from your store, commissions can go up to 60%.

So if you choose e-commerce, the investments will be very low and the results will depend on:

  • Choose an easy to sell product or design that meets a need.
  • The website: in case you want to obtain more income you would have to invest in a good domain for your brand and hosting.
  • Advertising: social media is a great source of traffic, you can create an advertising from € 1 per day

Business online: affiliate marketing

Probably you heard or read about people who live “thanks to the monetization of their blog.” Getting a full salary thanks to it is very difficult but not impossible (yes, it takes time). Here you have some options to get started in the world of affiliate marketing. For more resources check out HERE.

How to make money with your Blog

You can “advertise” a service or a product that you have or you are using of a specific company (I am doing it just now talking about Amazon, Printful, etc., but without charging) and gain a small commission for it.

  • Amazon: they have an excellent affiliate program. There are a lot of products that you can recommend (remember to recommend products that may interest your audience).
  • Other platforms: Unlike Amazon, which has its own program, other companies prefer to have it managed by platforms such as Tradeboubler and Sharesale. You sign up, they approve you and then you apply among the companies that have the ones you are willing to “promote”

Make money with your Social Networks

Another way to gain money if you don’t have a website, is advertising the products of a company or collaborating with them through your social networks.

  • You can look for companies in your neighborhood and come to an agreement. It is a somewhat invasive and unsolvable way.
  • You can search for companies in your niche on your own social networks and offer them collaboration.
  • Amazon has a program for influencers dedicated exclusively to gain traffic from social networks.
  • You can sign up to platforms like SocialPubli or Marketing4You that connect advertising companies with influencers and micro-influencers (from 1000 followers).

Business online: Sell your photos

This option is ideal for professional photographers and for serious photography enthusiasts. It is difficult to sell your photos directly from your website or online store; therefore, the best thing is to sell them through image banks. There are several, but I recommend these 2 that I know:

  • Adobe Stock: easy registration. You can earn a 33% sales commission
  • Shutterstock: it also works on commission, from 15%.

In conclusion, nowadays starting an online business is quite simple (comparing it with some years ago) and, depending on what you choose, it requires little investment. You just need to have a clear idea, create a good strategy and invest time in it. Remember that, in the end, with tenacity and perseverance, you can do it. Success is the sum of small efforts that are repeated day after day.


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